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Software Engineer - User Experience

Stockholm, SE


The role

You will play a central role in our User Experience team which is responsible for all our user facing functionality. This involves everything from sign-up and onboarding to user-, location- and music-management. Our feature page describes some of the functionality that you will continue to evolve in an iterative fashion based on A/B testing and qualitative user feedback.

Your primary focus will be to develop robust features and reusable UI components/libraries in JavaScript (ES7) using React and Redux, for both our web front-end and iOS/Android applications that uses React Native. You’ll also encounter languages such as Go, Scala and Elixir on our backend services, which runs on Google Cloud Platform (App Engine & Kubernetes/Docker).

We strongly believe in self-organizing teams with a high degree of responsibility and accountability. Therefore you will be involved in the team’s key decisions and share the responsibility to deliver superb user experiences along with your extremely dedicated colleagues.


You're friendly, pragmatic, professional, precise and fun to work with. Also, you are probably comfortable with describing yourself as:

  • An excellent communicator – inside the team, as well as outside of it. You love to discuss different solutions and strategies for technical challenges.
  • A person with an agile mindset who feels comfortable with quickly adapting to change.
  • An open person who say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Being focused on what is most important here and now, and having a knack for realizing when it's time to change the game plan and when to stick to it.
  • Self-sustaining – you have no problems working independently, taking initiatives and planning your own time to deliver new features and improvements.

Required experience

  • Well-versed in modern HTML and CSS (or transpiled variants such as Sass/Less/Stylus).
  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript (preferably including EcmaScript 2015 and beyond).
  • Worked with a modern JS framework such as React, React Native, Angular or Vue.js.
  • Previous experience of building scalable, maintainable and robust front-end systems.
  • Experience of using Git, or a similar distributed source management system.

Desired experience

  • Experience of front-end development and build pipelines using Webpack/Rollup or similar.
  • Professional experience of contained based deployments using Docker/Kubernetes.
  • Strong knowledge of the current era of web browsers, including mobile variants.
  • Professional experience of automated front-end testing.
  • Basic knowledge of functional programming.
  • Experience with data structure libraries such as Immutable.js.
  • Familiar with agile development methods like Scrum, Kanban, or variations thereof.

About us

Soundtrack Your Brand is a Spotify-backed company that offers music streaming services for businesses. We serve small customers, like the hairdresser around the corner, and large enterprises like McDonald's, Tony & Guy and TAGHeuer.

Playing music in businesses is very different from playing music at home. A business music service is a collaborative, multi-user, multi-location game where all businesses need a vast selection of music that's continually updated. The music itself profoundly influence consumers' experience and behavior, which we have repeatedly proven in our research, and as thought leaders in in-store music research, we try to educate the world about the impact of music.

Our development team consists of 30 very talented, motivated and humble engineers with past experience at companies such as EA, Spotify, Skype, iZettle, Viaplay, Blocket, and Aftonbladet. In total, we are about 90 people working from Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm, Seattle, and London.

After building an impressive Nordic customer base in the last couple of years, we have now expanded internationally and are currently live in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

We strongly believe that diversity of perspective and experience will render a better workplace for our employees and a better product for our users. We’d like for new employees to contribute to such a diverse workplace.

Sounds good?

Apply to: uddenberg@soundtrackyourbrand.com