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How it works

Playlists and Stations

Our ready-made playlists are built around business types, genres, moods, and more to help venues like yours play music with a consistent vibe.

Featured artists have stations already created for them. You can also type in a name to create a station with music from that artist and others with a similar sound.

Get a feel for some of our popular playlists and stations below.

Ed Sheeran station

Featuring artists: John Mayer, Bruno Mars, George Ezra and many more

explore soundtrack

Pop FM

Anywhere the radio goes this follows

explore soundtrack

Frank Ocean station

Featuring artists: Masego, Tyler, The Creator, Oliver Tree and many more

explore soundtrack

Millions of tracks

Licensed for business

We have the world’s largest catalog of popular music licensed for business, and we’re adding thousands more tracks weekly. The music comes from more than 400 record labels, which gives you everything from Good Times Pop and Amped-Up EDM to Feel Good Oldies and Country Nation.

Legal music for business use

Take control

How to play the best music for your business

Ready-made playlists

Browse hundreds of ready-made playlists by picking any genre, sound or business type as your starting point.

  • Regularly updated
  • Create a coherent sound around the specific mood you want to set
  • Made by professional music curators who screen all music = no unpleasant surprises
  • Typically contain enough music to last for days

We recommend this for:

Business owners who may not have the time to create their own stations. Or for business owners who want to explore different styles and genres to find the best fitting sound for their business.

Discover our playlists.

Create Soundtrack

Customize your own station by easily selecting your own sounds, genres, and energy levels.

  • Lets you get creative about the music you play in a time-efficient way
  • Tailors the music to your business
  • Lets you set different energy levels for the different times of day
  • Allows you to edit and tweak stations as you go

We recommend this for:

Business owners who want a bit more control and already have a clear idea of the genres and music direction of their business. And for business owners who want music that’s all their own.

Create your own station.

Music made easy

Tools designed for business

No hardware needed

You don’t need any additional hardware. We’ve built super easy-to-use apps instead. Just head to your app store, download Soundtrack Player and take it from there.

Turn Spotify playlists into stations

Turn your Spotify playlists into non-repetitivestations with more songs that match the vibe.

Explicit-lyrics filter

Family-friendly business? Stay that way with the flick of a switch. We tag songs with inappropriate lyrics so you don’t have to hear them.

Schedule your music

Schedule and mix different playlists and stations throughout the day to match the changing tempo of your business.

  • schedule your music
  • 450+ ready-made playlists
  • create customized stations
  • turn Spotify playlists into stations
  • explicit-lyrics filter
  • licensed and legit
  • works with Sonos



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